The WordPress Password Protected Categories plugin makes it easy to restrict or hide any type of category in WordPress. You can password protect any type of content including:

  • blog post categories
  • events categories
  • portfolio categories
  • e-commerce store categories
  • any post type categories

You can choose whether your password protected categories are visible or hidden from public view.

There’s also an option to mark categories as private so that only logged in users with the correct privileges can see them.

Use the menu links above to see public and password protected WordPress categories in action. You can also test drive the plugin using the category login form below.

Use these passwords to test the plugin…

Enter a password and you’ll automatically be redirected to the correct category containing hidden posts, portfolios, events or productsL

  • Password for protected blog categories – protectedblog
  • Passwords for protected portfolio categories – portfoliopass OR protectportfolio2
  • Password for protected event categories – eventslist
  • Password for protected product categories – eddlogin